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New Restrictions On Casino Advertising In Japan

Yep, against all the odds, after the country has opened up to the gaming market, Japanese lawmakers want to adopt new casino advertising limits as part of preparations for launching site selection processes and operators of future casinos.

Recently, the Japanese government has introduced a new set of limitations on how the country’s first casinos will be announced.

Under the new rules, casino ads will only be allowed in large integrated resorts, gambling sites will be part of the immigration zones at terminals in airports and ports across the country, and will only be allowed than in these areas. Foreign visitors generally use these areas.

The new rules are part of an order to implement the Integrated Resorts Implementation Bill, which was passed by the Japanese government last summer. The implementing bill was the second in a two-step process for the legalization and regulation of casinos in Japan and the introduction of Las Vegas-style casinos into the country as part of a more giant involved integrated / MICE.

A first bill, the Integrated Resorts Promotional Bill, was approved by the government in December 2016, effectively legalizing casino gaming in the country. Its twin document, adopted last summer, sets out the rules and regulations under which casinos will be operated.

The emergence of new concerns related to problem gambling

The legalization of gambling in casinos across the country has raised concerns and comments that this will push problem gambling rates to new heights in a country that has already struggled to tackle to the gambling addiction fueled by popular local pachinko machines.

The restrictions on how casinos will be advertised in the future are part of government efforts to prevent addiction to gambling and the growth of problem gambling once properties become operational.

Other measures taken to protect the Japanese from the adverse effects of the spread of gambling include the imposition of entry fees on nationals and permanent residents of the country and the limitation of the number of visits that ‘They will be allowed to perform in future casinos.

Japanese residents will have to pay JPY 6,000 per visit and will be able to play in local casinos a maximum of three times a week or ten times a month.

The new casino advertising rules approved today will take effect next Monday. With their adoption, local governments in cities and prefectures interested in hosting one of the three casino complexes to be built as part of the first wave of casino market liberalization are encouraged to speed up related preparations.