Every day new users go to the pages of legal bookmakers to try their luck. It is not always easy to decide which game to bet on or even which is the best online sports betting ewallet casino Malaysia and although there is no guarantee of success, some manage to make real fortunes with the games.

Below are some stories of achievements that have gained news and press attention. Everything is possible when you are at an online casino and if you are curious about how far you can go, keep reading our article!

Chris Moneymaker

The American accountant was an amateur poker player who had a desire to participate in professional tournaments. However, the input values ​​were always too high. Moneymaker’s lucky day came when the player finally got a WSOP entry through the Pokerstars website. Most impressively, he’s taken the wins over established names like Phil Ivey.

After receiving more than 2 million dollars, he left his job and started to dedicate himself only to poker.

John Horse

One of the 2017 WSOP finalists became a celebrity after participating in the event. The English van rental’s undeniable charisma and eccentricity have earned him a huge following of fans. The 64-year-old finalist took home more than $2 million and was even happier to meet some of the game’s professional players.

Peter Edward

In 2000, Peter, a 49-year-old Welshman, made a bet that his grandson would make the Wales national team. The prediction came true and 13 years later Harry Wilson, aged 16, made his debut for the team. The achievement earned his grandfather around £135,000, as well as immense pride in having a grandson at the highest level of British football.

Jay Brennan

The Las Vegas receptionist used to save a good chunk of her salary for her wedding. In 2002, during an anniversary celebrated at the casino, she won around 35 million dollars on the Megabucks slot. Luck seemed to be on her side, but shortly after the ceremony she was involved in a car accident that killed her sister and Brennan ended up quadriplegic.

That didn’t take the smile off the face of the new millionaire, who to this day remains involved in institutions that support people with disabilities.

Ashley Revell

Ashley sold everything she owned and that included her car, house and all of her personal possessions. The plan was to head to Las Vegas and try your luck at roulette. The boy didn’t even know which color he should choose and bet best online casino malaysia all his chips on red. Isn’t he right? He took home over £210,800.

After receiving the small fortune, he traveled by motorcycle through Europe, where he met his current wife.


After meeting these top players, maybe it’s time to hit the betting site and get your own inspiring story. There are many possibilities and different modalities waiting for you in these great entertainment centers. Look for a qualified gaming site and have all the fun you want.

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